Which of the following is an example of an illness prevention activity?

April 3, 2021

Multiple ChoiceIdentify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.1. Which of the following is an example of an illness prevention activity? Select allthat apply.a) Encouraging the use of a food diaryb) Joining a cancer support groupc) Administering immunization for HPVd) Teaching a diabetic patient about his diet2. Which of the following nursing activities represent direct care? Choose all thatapply.a) Bathing a patientb) Administering a medicationc) Documenting an assessmentd) Making work assignments for the shift3. Which of the following examples includes both objective and subjective data?a) The client’s blood pressure is 132/68 and her heart rate is 88.b) The client’s cholesterol is elevated, and he states he likes fried food.c) The client states she has trouble sleeping and that she drinks coffee in theevening.d) The client states he gets frequent headaches and that he takes aspirin forthe pain.4. Who is the primary decision maker when caring for healthy adult clients?a) Physicianb) Familyc) Clientd) Nurse5. Which comment made by a woman in her early fifties would be a cue indicatingthe need for further assessment for a problem?a) “My skin is so dry I need to use lotion every day after I bathe.”b) “I have episodes when I feel really hot even when others are not.”c) “It’s getting harder to lift those big bags of dog food.”d) “I have to write myself notes because I’m getting so forgetful.”6. The nurse has instructed a group of parents on common adolescent behavior.Which comment by the parent would indicate the most urgent need for furtherdiscussion?a) “I guess my daughter won’t be asking my opinion very much.”b) “I’m really going to watch my daughter’s eating habits.”c) “We are really going to have to think about rules we want to enforce afterhe gets his driver’s license.”d) “We don’t keep alcohol in the house, so that’s at least one thing we don’tneed to worry about.”7. Which family would most likely be helpful in encouraging the client toexperience a high level of wellness? A family who:a) Controls feelings in order to avoid conflict.b) Teaches negotiation skills and independence.c) Encourages risk-taking and adventure.d) Views themselves as helpless victims.8. An adult patient is diagnosed with lung cancer, and surgery to remove the rightlung is recommended. The patient is uncertain about whether he should consentto the surgery because of the risks involved. Which nursing diagnosis is most

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