What possible contra-indications or adverse effects need to be considered when taking this medication?

March 4, 2020

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Case study:
Linda Apple 79 year old woman diagnosed with a small CVA in the right hemisphere. Her past medical history includes paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and a remote history of deep vein thrombosis. A recent cardiac stress test was normal, and her blood pressure has been well controlled.
Medications she took before the CVA were flecainide, hormone replacement therapy, amlodipine, aspirin, simvastatin and trandolapril.
This essay should present the rationale for the use of and nursing care of a patient prescribed one of the medications included in the case study above.
When writing their rationale pleease consider the following questions:
1. Why is this medication being used to treat this patient?
2. How does this medication work?
3. What possible contra-indications or adverse effects need to be considered when taking this medication?
4. What possible alternatives exist for this medication and when might they be utilised?
5. What is the nursing care required for the patient whilst on this medication?
6. How would we assess the effectiveness of the medication?
7. What is the evidence base behind the use of this medication and the nursing care for the patient?
Please use one medication from the case study to discuss on.
Please construct the essay as following:
Your introduction is to tell the reader what you will write about in the body of your work.
This section is to include the following:
• Medication use and rationale explained including aspects of pharmacology
• Appropriate nursing care and nursing assessment discussed
• Presentation of evidence to support pharmacology and nursing care.
• Evidence presented represents recent and relevant research on the chosen medication and appropriate nursing care.
• Student has addressed and given thought to the questions asked above as part of the assessment outline.
• Write in full paragraphs with topic sentences and explanation.
• Appropriate use and citation of literature (references) to support the discussion you present.
• Evidence of formulated structure and constructed discussion.
Case Study Questions addressed
Student answers fully and correctly each question asked in case study. (See case study for individual breakdown of marks per question)
Your conclusion consists of two parts:
• Summarise key findings from the body of your text
Write wrap up statements which suggest that you have derived a conclusion in your own mind about the significance of the treatment prescribed and the importance of appropriate nursing care.
A minimum of 14 peer review, research journal articles to be cited in APA style (articles written in the last 10 years).

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