What are the Transformations (Design,Planning and Control, Improvement)?

March 5, 2020

You have been awarded a contract as Consultants to advise on the improvements to patients and visitors to the Royal London Hospital, which has recently been upgraded. Whilst the hospital is now the largest in Europe it is subject to funding cutbacks, like many
other publics institutions in the UK. Your role is to use operations management theory to:
Improve the overall patien
t and visitor experience when using the hospital facilities.
Improve the staff efficiency to support the patients and visitors, throughout all its key operations.
Consider some local changes to the infrastructure and processes to facilitate these improvements.
Your suggested changes may then be reviewed by the medical professionals for best
practice and then rolled out to other main hospitals throughout the UK.
London’s newest hospital has opened its doors for the first time
The 650m Royal London Hospital, in Whitechapel, east London, contains 110
wards previously housed in facilities dating from the 18th Century.
The hospital occupies an area equivalent to 40 football pitches, with the level of
diagnostic care doubled.
The Royal London is a leading, internationally renowned teaching hospital based in east London.
We offer a full range of local and specialist services, which includes one of the
largest children’s hospitals in the UK with one of London’s busiest paediatric
Accident and Emergency departments.
Home to London’s air ambulance, The Royal London is also one of the capital’s
leading trauma and emergency care centres and hyper-acute stroke centres.
The Royal London Hospital was founded in September 1740 and was originally named The London Infirmary. The name changed to
The London Hospital in 1748 and then to The Royal London Hospital on its 250th anniversary in 1990. The first patients were treated at a house in Featherstone Street,
Moorfields in November 1740. In May 1741, the hospital moved to Prescot Street, and remained there until 1757 when it moved to its current location on the south side of Whitechapel Road, Whitechapel , in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets
The Royal London is part of Barts Health NHS Trust. The Royal London provides district general hospital services for the City and Tower Hamlets and specialist tertiary care services for patients from across London and elsewhere. It is also the base for the HEMS helicopter ambulance service
, operating out of a specially built roof area. There are 675 beds at The Royal London Hospital. The new
building is the largest hospital in Europe.
The present School of Nursing and Midwifery was formed in 1994 by the merger of the Schools from St Bartholomew’s Hospital and The Royal London Hospital to
become the St Bartholomew School of Nursing & Midwifery . Prior to this, the school of nursing was known as The Princess Alexandra College of Nursing and Midwifery. In 1995 the new Nursing School was incorporated into City University, London. Both Schools have a strong and respected history dating back over 120 years and have produced many nurse leaders and educators. The School has since been incorporated into the School of Health Sciences, City University.
In March 2005 planning permission was granted for a 1 billion redevelopment and expansion of The Royal London Hospital. On completion of the project, the hospital will have Londons leading trauma and emergency care centre, one of Europes largest renal services and the capitals second biggest paediatric service. Barts is also undergoing redevelopment and will become a cancer and cardiac centre of excellence
Patient and Visitors Experience Your role is now to developthe patients experience of their visit,supporting by relevant academic tools and techniques from the Blackboard teaching material and otherrelevant academic sources. You may build on experiences from your own visits to hospital You must be creative and consider how the overall experience would improve the management of the hospital. They may include the following aspects:
Transport links to and from the Royal London Hospital
Car parks and shuttle busses to wards, inc access fordisabled.
Gift shops and restaurants
Nearby other facilities
Access to Wifi and TV
Smaller side wards.
Quicker waiting times
More focus on aftercare following treat
Management Report:
Please produce a Management Report which briefly addresses the following issues:
1. Provide a clear explanation in your Report of the link between, strategy,operations strategy and the performance objectivesof operations for the above challenges at the Royal London Hospital.Support your explanation with examples.Also,youmust identify how your Report will measure: Speed, Quality, Flexibility,Cost,Layout, Innovation and Inventory at the Royal London Hospital.
2. Clarify for your project brief for the Royal London Hospital.
: What are the Inputs?
What are the Transformations (Design,Planning and Control, Improvement)?
What are the Outputs?
3. Suggest and justify some new specific operational improvements to improvethe patient andvisitorexperience to the Royal London Hospital,based on your Consultancy brief.

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