How does someone figure out if an article is available from a citation in this database?

March 8, 2020

ASSIGNMENT Database Video
This semester you’ve learned how to search multiple databases: Books & More, Academic Search Premier, and PubMed to name a few. But there are many, many more databases that you have access to through the UNC Libraries. The research areas of speech language pathology and audiology are interdisciplinary, spanning from education to medicine. Below is a list databases you may find helpful when researching speech language pathology and audiology topics:
Health & Medical
Education Source
Social Sciences Full Text
Linguistic and Language Behavior Abstracts
Social Services Abstracts
Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection
Nursing and Allied Health Source
ProQuest Education Journals
Sociological Abstracts
While there are still many, many more databases that you have access to, these are the top 10 databases you should know about beyond those that you’ve already used. For this assignment, you will work with one of these databases (see the Database List for the title of the database you have been assigned). You will get to know the database, learn different aspects of the database, and then create a video of how to use the database. It is important to create this video with the audience in mind – you are teaching this database to other students.
Discover at least the following about the database you are assigned:
? What years of literature does this database cover?
? What speech language pathology and audiology topics would this database be useful for?
? What types of documents does this database index (journal articles, books, dissertation, etc.)?
? Is it possible to limit to just peer-reviewed articles in this database?
? What other limiters are available in this database?
? How does someone figure out if an article is available from a citation in this database?
? Can a person search by only keywords in this database, or are subject headings available?
? Is there an advanced search available?
After you get to know the database and discover all the answers to these questions, create an outline of your video. Pick an appropriate topic to search and while completing the search, show all the relevant features of this database.
There is a variety of equipment and software available to you as outline below. However, you can make this which just screen capture videoing (such as Screencast-O-Matic and your voice narrating), but if you want to make it flashy, you are welcome to do so.
What are the hardware and software possibilities?
Your final video must be saved in a digital format that the instructor can open and view. Check with the instructor before using a software or hardware that is not listed below.
? use personal digital camera for still photos &
? video camera for live action
? create title slides & credits with PowerPoint
? use Camtasia to combine
? use personal digital camera for still photos
? use PowerPoint to put captions on photos
? create video with Windows Movie Maker or Jing or Screencast-O-Matic
? live action only taped with Flip Video Camera
? use Flip editing software to edit, add title & credit info
Software available in the Library Tech Study Rooms:
Flip Video Camera editing software
Windows Movie Maker
Library Tech Study Rooms
2nd Floor Michener Library
Rooms 226, 249, & 258
(Make reservations or check out key at the Circulation/Access Services Desk on the main floor)
How do I know if my video is good?
A good video will include the following:
o Brief introduction of yourself
o Correctly describe and demonstrate a library database so that it can be easily understood by your peers
o Library staff members nor student workers are featured
o Creative videos will appeal to other students
o Visuals are highly visual – so there is no or very little text to read on the video
Mac Labs on campus have iMovie and GarageBand available for video and music production.
Technical Requirements:
o Videos should be 2-4 minutes long
o Clear audio/visuals
o Title
o Credits
o If music is used, any voice components must be clear and easy to hear over the music
How do I save my video?
Check out a portable hard drive from the library Access Services Desk and save all works in progress.
How do I turn in my video for a grade?
Submit your finalized project to Blackboard.
Grading Category Specific Criteria Pts. Possible
Demonstrates how to search the database efficiently and effectively, and points out major features of the database useful to students
Introduction of self
Video is engaging
2-4 minutes in length, clear audio, clear video, title, credits
Total Possible Points

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