Describe the significance of your selected accident or injury.

March 7, 2020

Preventing Accidents and Injuries
Preventing Accidents and Injuries
For this Application Assignment, develop a teaching plan for prevention of accidents and injuries in either children or the elderly. Include the main elements of your presentation to a group of parents or elderly or their caregivers. This is a PowerPoint presentation of between 8–10 slides. Use a minimum of three references from the professional nursing literature in the assigned course readings and other references in the Walden Library. If they are relevant, you may use one or two professional Web sites in addition to the literature references.
• Overview – 20 points
After your title slide, include a brief overview of the purpose of your presentation. This should be at least 1 slide.
• Statistics of the selected accident or injury – 30 points
Describe the significance of your selected accident or injury. Include data about its rate of occurrence and references. This should be at least 1 slide.
• Prevention strategies / Teaching plan – 80 points
Outline your teaching plan. This should include the main elements of your presentation to a group of parents or elderly or their caregivers and be based on best practices. This should be approximately 4–5 slides.
• Summary – 20 points
End the presentation with a one-paragraph summary of the main points of the teaching plan/presentation.
Proofread the paper as described in the tips for success in this course and correct any typos, grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, or APA format errors before submitting your paper in the Dropbox. Up to 40 points can be deducted from the grade for this assignment for these types of errors, or for not using at least the minimum number of required references.
*****Choose at least three articles from the following if possible*****
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