Describe how this theory/model can impact nursing education.

March 10, 2020

Research Paper, Nursing
Application and integration of care model/theory in clinical Practice: “CHRONIC SORROW” (TOPIC)
Score Grading Rubric
Application and Integration of Care model/theory in Clinical Practice (40%).
All papers must be submitted through Safe Assign and must not have a match of no more than 20%. This percentage must not exceed 20%. The following penalty will be effective for all paper assignments with high Safe Assign scores: 21%-30% =1 point, 31%-40% =2 points, 41%-50% = 3 points, Over 50%, will earn the student a ZERO on that paper. This paper should be no more than 10 pages of content (Title page, references and/or appendices do not count into page limit).
1. Background: Provide a synopsis of the theory/model’s background. What are the main concepts or domains of the theory/model? What is the historical evolution of the theory/model? What motivated development of the theory/model? On what philosophical and ethical belief(s) and value(s) was/were the theory/model based? What strategies for knowledge development were used to formulate the model? What scholars influenced the theory/model author’s thinking or development? Critique the model/theory using the framework on Alligood & Tomey p. 12-13.
2.Contribution to Nursing: What is the overall contribution of the model to the discipline of nursing? To what extent is the theory/model actually used to guide nursing practice and research? Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the theory/model for nursing practice. What theories have been generated from the theory/model?
3.Application to Research, education and clinical practice: Summarize one research study that used this model as a conceptual framework. Describe how this theory/model can impact nursing education. Describe how this theory/model could be applied in real world of clinical nursing practice (Eg. Death and dying, health policy, organizational behavior and patient care).
Application to nursing leadership: Discuss the application of the theory/model in addressing leadership outcomes and priorities in a patient care or work environment. How would the potential integration of this theory/model with useful leadership principles, ensure the improvement of patient outcomes. Include QSEN Competencies.
4.Develop a new model: Use the Fawcett’s four metaparadigm concepts of person, environment, health and nursing to develop a conceptual-theoretical model that presents your belief about an important area of nursing practice. Describe the background problem or concern that you hope your new model
******* My assigned portion is ONLY #3 and #4***
The paper must include the title page, reference list, (tables, figures, appendices are optional), and must follow the 2010 APA format guidelines (6th edition).
At least five (5) researched peer-reviewed articles listed in the reference page(s) all original authors and within 5 years of publication and cited within the text. Must be in APA and cited in the body of the paper.
Deduct for:
>5 researched, peer-reviewed articles = (-1pt)
> 5 years of publication = (-1pt)
Deduct: The following points from the total score earned in the paper for Safe Assign scores of:
21%-30% =1 point,
31%-40% =2 points,
41%-50% = 3 points,
Over 50%, will earn the student a ZERO in the paper
Not sent through Safe Assign = ZERO in the paper
Deduct: One point for every page over the 10-page limit of content.
TOTAL POINTs EARNED (Total points earned less the Safe Assign and page limit deductions)

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