Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the impact of contrasting leadership styles for health and social care practice

March 9, 2020

Learning outcomes assessed in this assignment. Please note that I have provided a suggested guidance for which part of the essay I expect these to be demonstrated and I will consider the whole assignment in context to ensure that all these learning outcomes have been covered.
1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the impact of contrasting leadership styles for health and social care practice 2. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of how health and nursing science can improve the health of individuals and groups 3. Critically evaluate theories of change and leadership in health care policy and practice 4. Critically analyse the factors that affect service and health improvement in a range of contexts 5. Critically analyse the application of ethical and legal principles in health and social care practice 6. Evaluate the way that leaders can contribute to service improvement (Component A) 7. Critically reflect on strategies that promote effective team work across professional boundaries 8. Evaluate the ways in which service users and carers can contribute to service improvement 9. Actively challenge and educate those who put themselves or others at risk in the practice context 10. Discuss strategies that support continuing professional development. 11. Critically analyse the factors that influence individual motivation and performance.
This assessment is a 2750 word assignment (essay) and focuses on;
• Your practice experience/s of leadership • Your learning during this module • Your future role as a leader in health care practice.
Discuss the role of the role of the registered adult nurse, with specific reference to leadership theories, ethical- legal principles and empowerment in improving care given to people who experience – Essay title. stroke
Suggested possible structure for your essay.
Part one – Introduction (300 – 250 words). (Decision making, effective communication will be evident here) This should clearly identify your choice of essay question and why you have chosen it, specifically you should consider this from a personal perspective, a professional perspective (why is this important to adult nursing) and also a political perspective (are there any political drivers that you are aware of for example recent guidance, is it a significant cost to the National Health Service). You should also include some indication of how you are going to structure the remaining content of your essay.
Part two- 1000- 1500 words. (Learning outcomes to be demonstrated in this section 1,2,8,11). This section should be where you identify the range of key leadership theories and strategies that are potentially relevant to your chosen topic together with the specific health needs and the biological sciences of your chosen client group. Issues such as motivating a team, individual management of people and involvement of service users and carers would be explored here. You must justify your choices and indicate why they are important to your argument. However, you must also provid
Referencing Requirements:
Useful web sites: framework/the-framework-overview this is an NHS framework for leadership policy and practice. The Royal College of Nursing. The Department of Health. An independent charitable organisation that works to improve health care in the UK The Health Foundation is an independent charity working to continuously improve the quality of healthcare in the UK.

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